Augmented Reality in Movies

According to Ori Inbar of Games Alfresco, the use of augmented reality in movies could be traced back as far as 1907 when French magician and movie maker George Melies created his Hilarious Posters. Characters in the posters came to life and interacted on screen.

The Hilarious Posters George Melies

1988 John Carpenters' They Live

The main character comes across sunglasses through which he can see the world for what it really is.His mission- to stop the communist aliens that control the world.

1988 Who Framed Jessica Rabbit

The first movie to mix reality with cartoon
[ Jessica Rabbit - Why don't you do right]

1996 Space Jam

Michael Jordan mixes it up with cartoon characters
[Space Jam Trailer (1996) HQ]

2002 Minority Report

Tom Cruise walks about virtual data
[ Interactive ui in Minority Report]

Other examples: 2003 Terminator 3; Pirates of the Caribbean – the Curse of the Black Pearl; 2008 – Iron Man 1 and 2 []


District 9

To market the film District 9 in 2009, Sony Pictures worked with Trigger LA to create an Augmented Reality experience. According to Trigger's blog, ''"Trigger has launched the “Multi-National United Training Simulation” for Sony Pictures’ District 9. This Augmented Reality application allows you to “train” as an MNU soldier working to keep humans and non-humans separate and at peace in District 9."'' [] A simple coded graphic, a computer and a webcam, enable the user to manipulate the 3 dimensional beetle character to shoot, jump and even learn tricks. Playing the game in a McDonalds unlocked a $1 off coupon. Augmented reality in promotions engages potential moviegoers shaping their behaviour and increasing the likelihood that the players will see the film and buy related film products. Watch the DISTRICT 9 Augmented Reality Demo


IAvatar stilln the making of the film Avatar, director James Cameron made use of augmented reality to film and direct scenes. A virtual camera system placed actors and their virtual counterparts into a virtual digital environment that allowed the director to adjust elements as if it were live action. The film was promoted by a number of augmented reality endorsements from Coca Cola, Mattel Toys and McDonalds. McDonald's Avatar Augmented Reality] Mattel's Avatar Augmented Reality Toys[ Coke Zero Avatar Augmented Reality]

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