Welcome to the new online student orientation. These modules have been developed to provide an anywhere-anytime overview of the basics of online learning for students at George Brown College. If you are considering online learning, have a look at the first Module which will help you assess your readiness for online learning and provide you with tips and resources to increase your preparedness for the online environment. If you are already enrolled in on online class, you may be interested in the first Module, but may want to skip ahead to the Modules on Logging in to Blackboard, Navigating Blackboard, Communication Tools or Completing & Submitting Assessments and Assignments. You may have taken previous classes at the college where the instructor used Blackboard so you may already know how to navigate the system, so feel free to move through the sections as needed. Modules 2 - 6 give tips on technical use of Blackboard tools as well as tips on how to use the tools to increase your learning and success in your courses. If you just have a question, check our FAQ page towards the end to see if your question is answered there.

Allocate between thirty minutes to one hour for each module depending upon your familiarity with the topic. If you plan to complete the modules in sequence, take a break between each module. If you are completing the modules before your course begins, you might want to complete the modules over a few days. If your course has started and you are a new user of Blackboard, complete Module 2 and 3 to orient yourself right away. After that select the modules as needed.

Choose the Module you are interested in the left hand navigation bar or below:

To complete each module in sequence, just click the Next links at the bottom of each page. But remember to take some breaks in between!

IDevice Icon Orientation Objectives

Upon successful completion of the modules, students will be able to:

  1. Assess their readiness for online learning and locate resources to increase their readiness
  2. Log on to the Learning Management System (Blackboard), resolve basic technical problems and find appropriate assistance, if needed
  3. Navigate an online course to become familiar with tools, methods and course requirements
  4. Understand and effectively use communication and interactive tools
  5. Submit assignments and complete online tests and surveys
  6. Gain an understanding of appropriate learning and study strategies for online learning


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