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Here's to the
crazy ones...

Einstein, one of the great conceptual revisors of our understanding of the universe, looked at space, time, and gravitational forces in new ways. A champion of pacifism and liberalism, he was the 'grand old man' of world peace.)

The misfits;
the rebels...

(Bob Dylan.
Folk-singer and songwriter, rose to fame in the 1960s, following the folk tradition of Woody Guthrie but introducing a fresh social and political awareness. His lyrics made his songs the dominant influence in the popular music and culture of the period.)

The troublemakers.

(King Martin Luther King.
Clergyman and civil rights campaigner, born in Atlanta, became a leader of the Civil Rights movement, known for his policy of passive resistance and his acclaimed oratorical skills. In 1964 he received the Kennedy Peace Prize and the Nobel Peace Prize.)

The round pegs
in the square holes.
The ones who see
things differently.

(Richard Branson, founder and CEO of Virgin Records and Virgin Atlantic Airlines known innovator.

They're not
fond of rules

(John Lennon and Yoko Ono invented a form of peace protest by staying in bed while being filmed and interviewed, and the single recorded under the name of The Plastic Ono Band, "Give Peace a Chance' (1969), became the "national anthem' for pacifists.)

and they have
no respect for
the status quo.

(Buckminster Fuller developed the Dymaxion ("dynamic and maximum efficiency') House in 1927, and the Dymaxion streamlined, omnidirectional car in 1932 and the geodesic dome.)

You can
quote them,

(Thomas Alva Edison.quit manufacturing for research in 1876 and invented the phonograph (1877), the carbon-filament light bulb (1879), and motion picture equipment. He discovered thermionic emission (1883), which became the basis for the electronic valve. Altogether he held patents for over 1000 inventions.)

disagree with
them, glorify

(Muhammad Ali.refused to be drafted into the army on religious grounds, and was stripped of his title and barred from the ring. He took his case to the Supreme Court and had his boxing licence restored in 1970. His flamboyant style has made him a legend, and his slogan "I am the greatest' became a catch phrase. Ali was President Carter's special envoy to Africa in 1980 (attempting to persuade nations to boycott the Olympics).

vilify them

(Ted Turner.US media owner, purchased a small television station in Atlanta in the 1960s, and built it into the "Superstation' WTBS, using satellite and cable technology. He founded Cable News Network (CNN) in 1980 to provide 24-hour news coverage.)

About the
only thing
you can't do,
is ignore them;

(Maria Callas,Operatic soprano, studied at Athens Conservatory, and in 1947 appeared at Verona in La Gioconda, winning immediate recognition. She sang with great authority in all the most exacting soprano roles, excelling in the intricate bel canto style of pre-Verdian Italian opera.)

because they
change things.

(Gandhi:Mahatma ("the great soul') Gandhi was venerated as a moral teacher, a reformer who sought an India as free from caste as from materialism, and a dedicated patriot who gave the Home Rule movement a new quality. In Asia particularly he has been regarded as a great influence for peace, whose teachings held a message not only for India, but for the world.)

They push the
human race

(Amelia Earhart, aviator, was the first woman to fly the Atlantic, as a passenger, and followed this by a solo flight in 1932. In 1935 she flew solo from Hawaii to California. In 1937 she set out to fly round the world, but her plane was lost over the Pacific.)

And while some
may see them

(Alfred Hitchcock, film director,studied engineering at London, and began in films as a junior technician in 1920. He directed his first film in 1925, and rose to become an unexcelled master of suspense, internationally recognized for his intricate plots and novel camera techniques.)

as the
crazy ones,

(Martha Graham was the most famous exponent of Expressionist modern dance in the USA. Her works dealt with frontier life, as in Appalachian Spring (1944), Greek myths, as in Clytemnestra (1958), and psychological drama. Her method of dance training has been widely adopted in professional schools.)

We see genius.

(Jim Henson's "Muppets' (Marionettes/puppets) first appeared on a five-minute programme entitled "Sam and His Friends'. Other commercial and short appearances led to nationwide popularity on the children's television workshop, Sesame Street from 1969. Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, and friends went on to gain phenomenal success in The Muppet Show, which reached an estimated 235 million viewers in more than 100 countries, appearing also in a string of films and on a Grammy-winning album.)

Because the
people who are
crazy enough

(Frank Lloyd Wright, an innovator in the field of open planning, is regarded as the leading designer of modern private dwellings, planned in conformity with the natural features of the land. Among his larger works are the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo and the Guggenheim Museum of Art in New York City.)

to think they can
change the world

(Pablo Picasso created more than 50,000 works, and during his last years (1966--73) produced three important series of drawings, including 347 untitled engravings (1968). His 90th birthday was celebrated by an exhibition of eight of his works in the Louvre, Paris, in the place where the "Mona Lisa' normally hangs. The dominant figure of early 20th-c art, he was above all the great innovator.)

are the
ones who do

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