Karen 2017A bit about me:

I'm Karen, a professor at George Brown College in Toronto Canada. I love everything tech and ed. I teach courses like Psychology of Consumer Behaviour, Visual Communications and Soap, Sex & Cigarettes: A Cultural History of Advertising. I'm also the Online Coordinator for the School of Liberal Arts & Sciences.

In 2011, I completed my Master's at the University of Illinois in the Curriculum, Education, Technology & Educational Reform (CTER) program. As part of the program, we created e-portfolios on Mahara. Unfortunately, the work created there was not kept, so I have re-created some of the portfolio here.

On the side menu you can navigate to some of my work done for my Master's, and some of my websites, blogs, presentations, writing and social media.



Professor & Online Co-ordinator, George Brown College -current
Adjunct Instructor, University of Illinois, Masters courses EPST556-Analysis of Advanced Summer 2011, Learning Technologies, CI484-Learning Technologies in CTER, Fall 2011 Twitter k3hamilton

My Favourite Educators

Sherman & Peabody

My pick for favourite educator might seem a bit unconventional. For me learning and teaching is often about creating a story. Whether your character is Peabody the dog or a number in an equation, everything and everyone has a story. We laugh at the idea that Peabody owns a boy, but any dog owner will tell you that's exactly the way it is. Things aren't always the way they seem and life is often a fractured fairy tale. We remember the tales.

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