CTER Projects

Master Confessions Blog A bunch of the stuff I wrote and created when getting my master's and other assorted musings since

Karen's Scratch Robot

Technology Trouble Shooting Blog

Trip to CTER Orientation

Conflict Mediation 2010 EPSY490

Two online students experience conflict in the discussion forums of an online course while working together to complete a group project. Both students ask the professor to mediate. The professor calls both students in to the the university for a meeting. Created with MovieStorm and iMovie

Who is the Teacher? Who is the Learner?

A short video about teachers and students, creation and collaboration- an homage

Augmented Reality Educational Applications

Augmented Reality in Education Wiki

Who Are the Millennials?

Know Your Millennials

Education 2020 EduCitizenship 2020

What does the future of education hold? Who is the Learner? Who is the teacher? What kind of curriculum, learning spaces and sustainability models will we see in the future? We are EduCitizenship 2020. For more information, see our wiki

New Online Student

Sheba wants to know. Who Owns Knowledge?

Testing out Blabberize. A fun application for kids and adults who have a hard time just being adult. Make your pictures speak. Voice by Dr. Evil

Cost of Free Wiki

After completing my Masters at the University of Illinois, I was asekd to teach a couple of courses in the program. In one of those courses in the summer 2011 class CI484, I had students create a wiki on Instructional Design Models, Theories and Methodology.

You can see the comprehensive wiki here at Instructional Design Models, Theories & Methodology