Augmented Reality to Model Objects

What would it be like to sketch an object and then see it immediately as a 3D virtual model that can be rotated and seen from all angles? With developments in augmented reality, model creation and manipulation becomes possible. University of Canterbury's Human Interface Technology Laboratory researchers have created a tool that can make a sketch into a 3D object. In the YouTube video that follows you can see how the sketch can be changed and an immediate change appears in the 3D object

In-Place Augmented Reality 3D Sketching

Nestor is an application that works with a smart phone. It allows the user to teach the application which simple 2D shapes relate to which 3D objects. See an example [ Augmented Reality on Natural Shapes]

In the field of architecture, augmented reality is being used to create scale models of buildings. See an example of how the augmented model can be used to show the features of the building [ Mixed Reality Product Presentation Kiosk: Architecture]

In manufacturing and assembly augmented reality is being used to create objects that will streamline the production process. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, a multitechnological applied research organisation in Northern Europe, provides high-end technology solutions that include augmented reality. In VTTFinland's example, students using models are able to practice the assembly process through the use of the virtual objects and tools. See [ Augmented Assembly - Increasing efficiency in assembly work with Augmented Reality]

[ LearnAR]-eLearning with Augmented Reality

Face Tracking by ARLab

Augmented Reality Face Tracking by ARLab from ARLab on Vimeo.

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