Plagiarism Self Assessment


Self Assessment

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How much do you know about Plagiarism?

Read each of the following statements and click on "True" or "False" and you'll get immediate feedback. (Note: Your browser must support JavaScript in order to use this quiz.)

1. Going online and copying selected portions of others' works as long as you change a few words is not considered plagiarism.



2. If you copy a "unique phrase" from someone else without documenting it, it is plagiarism.



3. Professors can easily distinguish between deliberate and accidental plagiarism.



4. Writing about commonly held beliefs or specific facts that are common knowledge without documentation is not plagiarism.



5. Borrowing a paper written by a friend and then handing it in is all right as long as the friend is in another class with another teacher.



6. Buying an essay online or from another source can make your life a whole lot easier, especially if you hate the subject.



7. If you are in doubt, you should always document your source..



8. If you are using charts, graphs from your textbook, you do not need to document it in your essay..



9. Plagiarism is simply a matter of the number of words that you borrow.



10. Using an essay that you wrote for another course without getting permission from the professor in the former and current class is also a form of plagiarism.




11. When you are learning a language in a class like Spanish, using an online translator to fix up your work is not a form of plagiarism.



12. Using photographs, video or audio without permission is plagiarism.



13. If you paraphrase the ideas of another person and do not cite your source, it is plagiarism..



14. If it were difficult for you to find the exact essay topic and material online, it would be difficult for the professor especially because professors are not familiar with computers.



15. If you write part of an essay in your own words and then add in sentences and phrases from an undocumented source, it will make you sound smarter.



16. If you don't get caught, it's not plagiarism.



17. If you go to a writing lab (TLC) and get the person to fix your work by correcting mistakes and adding more impressive words or ideas, that's not a form a plagiarism.



18. If you use a few lines from another person, you should enclose the lines in quotes, use an in text citation and cite the source in your Bibliography or Works Cited Section.



19. All you need to do when writing an essay is to find one that is already written, rewrite it a bit using a thesaurus and hand it in to get an A.



20. Borrowing the work of another student is not as serious as borrowing from a published author.


21. Plagiarism is a victimless crime.



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Created by Karen E. Hamilton, Professor School of Liberal Arts & Sciences, George Brown College, Toronto, Ontario Canada

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