Augmented Reality Books

In the past several years augmented books have begun to appear in the marketplace. When you look at one of these augmented reality books, they appear to be like any other book; however, when they are placed in front of your computer's webcam, 3D elements, movies, sight and sounds appear. Some even include interactive elements. Certain of the AR applications require the user to download software so that the code embedded in the book can be read. In an interactive game book by '''Total Immersion''', children build a ladder while listening to the voice information and pointing to the required object in the book.

Interactive Game Book

In this next example, a Dragon comes to life. Dragonology

Augmented Reality applications are also being made to be used with mobile devices like the Sony PlayStation linking printed media to digital resources. In this next example, '''Second Sight''' demonstrates how the book Space Encyclopedia can be augmented with the placement of small semacodes (the square printed AR triggering mechanism) to link the printed materials to digital elements. Watch how the code in the text can trigger sound and visual of the Lunar landing. Click [ Augmented Reality with Second Sight on a Sony PlayStation Portable]

See this dramatic example of a living book by Metaio

The Future is Wild - Living Book

Zooburst is a digital storytelling tool that allows anyone to create a 3D pop-up book. The books are web based and work either through a Flash plug-in or through augmented reality and the use of a webcam. Books can have up to ten pages and use either your own images or open source vector images that can be sized, rotated and coloured. The company allows you to embed your book on social networking sites, blogs or other websites. Currently Zooburst is in beta trial. To sign up for an account you'll have to give your name, and email and explain why you would like to try Zooburst. See the video below

See my first AR book done on Zooburst on what else- Augmented Reality here [ '''It's not a flat world anymore: Welcome to my Augmented World''']

New developments in computers also will change the way we view materials in education. The release of the iPad certainly has has an impact on educational books. Most of the major publishers quickly aligned themselves with Apple to produce more mobile content. At the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Samsung displayed a 14" laptop with an OLED transparent display. The display is 40 % transparent. With developments like the transparent display, augmented reality's potential in education increases. See Wired's video report on the new transparent display at the Consumer Electronics Show here [ CES 2010: Hands-On With Transparent Display of the Future]

Penguin English Library Classics Augmented

Popar Books

Japanese company Tokyo Shoeski is creating textbooks that work with AR applications on smartphones. The books are part of an english language course that help adults learn English. Read more here
See the video below

In July 2012, Sony introduced augmented books for their PS3 device. Sony's version, called Wonderbook turns hard-copy books into digital- interactive experiences. While flipping through the pages, the Playstation Eye activates the interaction. The first book will be the Book of Spells by JK Rowling. According to Mark Raby of TG Daily, " the book will contain all sorts of different "spells." As players flip through the book, they can learn various magic spells and then actually perform those spells with the power of the Playstation Eye and the PS3." ( )

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