Augmented Reality in Other Fields

In March 2010, Time placed Augmented Reality in position four of its ''Top Ten Tech Trends for 2010''. The trends came out of the 2010 South By Southwest Interactive Conference. Even though AR came in at position 4, it is incorporated into many of the other list items, including first-placed location data, third-placed social gaming, and eighth-placed social objects. According to Dan Fletcher in Time, the challenge for developers is to create applications that will be applicable for day-to-day use. [,28804,1973759_1973760_1973797,00.html]

Augmented Reality in Entertainment, Sports and Everyday Life

Augmented reality's use in entertainment and sports is providing interesting examples of how the technology can be used. Educators and educational developers can look to these areas to find useful applications in education. In 2009 a number of the large Hollywood movies used augmented reality in conjunction with websites, games and toys to promote their movies. With the releases of big 3D Blockbusters like Avatar and Alice in Wonderland, the field is ripe for applications which once were considered just the stuff of science fiction.

Augmented Reality applications used in the promotion of films help to offset the costs of these blockbusters with tie-ins by sponsors. We have long been accustomed to the toys and games that are handed out by fast food outlets before a movie is released. Now these giveaway toys bring the movies to life with interactive elements. Kids experience the toy and virtual interactions with the movie and its character. Video gaming on computers and hand-held devices have long presented kids with opportunities to interact in virtual worlds. Many of today's video games lead the way with different uses of augmented reality technology.

Musicians who have been affected by the download generation, are finding new ways to present their music. A music video today may include an augmented reality element, and a new release may have a tie-in sponsorship with a product that triggers an augmented experience with the musician. Years ago news shows were considered serious hard news.

Today news is available 24/7 and as traditional newscasts seek to gain greater share and younger audiences some are attempting to use augmented reality. Sports took an early lead in augmented reality with the usage of virtual on-field information, and we can see many simple examples of its use today in sporting events. In 2010, the use of AR in mobile sports applications is still emerging.

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