Augmented Reality in News

During the 2008 United States election, CNN used a number of innovations in AR technology. To illustrate emerging results and potential results in the election, they projected a model of the United States on top of a large table. The model was used to show changes to states as they went red and or blue. The model also contained augmented information such graphs, charts and statistics. News Anchors could walk around the model to point out different parts and viewers were able to see the model from multiple angles.

CNN also were the first to project what they called a hologram, another augmented reality concept. During the election Wolf Blitzer, spoke with reporter Jessica Yellin who was in Chicago. Jessica appeared in the New York studio with Blitzer.[] Looking a lot like Princess Leia in Star Wars, Yellin appeared slightly blue with a bright outline. Her image was being filmed by 35 high definition cameras in Chicago and then synchronized by 20 New York cameras. Although scientists were quick to respond that the images were not holograms but were really tomograms, (Tomograms are images that are captured from all sides, reconstructed by computers, then displayed on screen.)viewers were intrigued by the potential.[] Criticism of course followed too. The so called hologram had no real purpose other than to garner media attention.

CNN's so-called Hologram

First Augmented Reality Newspaper in Ireland using Blippar

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