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Gesture Based Computing

The 2010 Horizon Report includes examples of augmented reality like the Wii under the category '''Gesture Based Computing'''. [ Gesture recognition] enables humans to interact with mechanical devices using simple natural gestures. In the future, the use of a keyboard, a mouse or even a touch pad may become a thing of the past with innovations in gesture based computing.

See a video slide show of The New Media Consortium/ Educause report Click [ Gesture-Based Computing : 2010 NMC Horizon Report

iPhone geotags.

Geotagging and Geolocation

Another important part of augmented reality applications is the use of '''geotagging''' and '''geolocation'''. A Geotag is a GPS coordinate that associates content such as videos, textual information, audio or any user- generated content to a specific location. When photographers use digital cameras, they have the choice to date stamp the video or photo. A Geotag is similar to that type of tag. AR applications draw on specific tags created by companies but will also depend on content that everyday users add through Geotagging. When we go to Google Earth to view a location, we are now able to find pictures and information added by users through these types of tags.

Marker vs Markerless Augmented Reality

AR Marker QR Semacode

AR Marker
QR Semacode

ArR Marker
AR Marker QR Code

Currently, many people associate augmented reality with black and white squares that trigger augmented reality elements. These black and white squares are called markers. Markers are also called [ QR (Quick Response) codes] or Semacodes. A QR code is a two dimentional bar code that allows its content to be decoded at high speed.

Markerless technology requires no marker to know the position of the object or person. Smartphone browsers that layer information over live locations are often considered in the markerless category, although they still use embedded "marked" information through geolocation and geotagging. The goal is to have augmented reality work much like this HP commercial [ Jerry Seinfeld for HP]

Augmented Reality in 3 minutes by the Explainers

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