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Future Trends: Open Network Economy

A movement toward a shared culture because of advances in digital technology has affected the way many businesses operate. New web start-ups often begin as free models to gain customers and then move to advertising supported or freemium models. For profit companies often use free and open software as a base for their products and more and more companies use the power of the collective to innovate. According to Gerd Leonhard, Media Futurist, the future is even more collaborative and open. "The pace of change is constantly accelerating, everywhere and across most industries, whether it's in technology, communications, marketing, media, manufacturing, services or consumer goods. Disruption is becoming the norm rather than the exception. B2B relationships are deeply effected, as well, with new and often challenging standards of openness, transparency, collaboration and inter-connectivity quickly emerging. The future is likely to require hyper-collaboration rather than (just) competition, non-linear thinking, crowd-sourced innovation, and circular business model innovation" See his presentation below on the movement toward openness.

Gerd Leonhard, Media Futurist on open network economy

Shifting to the Open Network Economy (FDC CEO Event in Sao Paolo) from Gerd Leonhard

Don Tapscott on the Global Platform for Innovation and how companies can use the digital network.


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