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Examples of Shareware - Try Before You Buy

Math and Science


This calculator is described as the "Swiss Army knife" of calculators and has the capabilities of both scientific and engineering calculators. Kalkulator features over 100 functions useful in all areas of mathematics including college level courses. For Windows users only, the full purchase price is $40.

Dino Numbers

Dino Numbers is a math game designed for children ages 7-12 which allows them to practice arithmetic skills. Dino Numbers features two main characters: Derik the Dinosaur and Rex the Tyrannosaurus. When playing the game the child helps Derik save cows from Rex by answering arithmetic problems. Bonus items (milk cartons, dino snacks, haystacks, etc.) are included at each level to allow the child to earn bonus points. The game is easy to play and features animation, sound effects, and music. Dino Numbers can be purchased for $19.95. DynoTech also offers a Dino Trilogy for $29.95. The Dino Trilogy features three educational games: math, memory, and spelling. A Dino Trilogy site license can be purchased by schools for $100 per building or LAN server.


Softpile produces a number of quality shareware products, all accessible from their website. Graphamatica "presents as an interactive algebraic equation grapher that can be used as an aide to plotting mathematical curves", something any math, physics, or engineering student would be interested in.

Kuta Software

Kuta Software is a math teacher's best friend. This software allows teachers to create worksheets and tests with both multiple-choice and open response questions. Kuta software also allows you to print multiple versions of tests and the question bank covers many different areas of mathematics. There is no internet connection needed to run this software. For a free trial visit the Kuta Software website or for information about pricing click here.

Features of Kuta Software


MathScore is math practice software designed to help students improve test scores from 1st Grade through Algebra 1. This software allows students to practice their math skills through a game-like setup. Once students master a skill set they are promoted to another set. MathScore offers both a Home Version and a School Version.

MathScore from a teacher that uses the software

3D World Map

This program encourages students' interest in the earth and its countries. 3D World Map allows students to marvel at the views of the earth whilst locating thousands of locations and calculating distances between any two points. As much about fun as education! Full download priced at $29.95.

Home Study

Study X

This shareware software is designed to help students to study at home. It's primary function is in turning notes saved in word processing files into study games, and subsequently generating tests. One further feature is Study X's ability to create note cards from longer sections of text, something of obvious use in class speeches and presentations. The makers are also anxious to promote the programme's use as a resource to foreign language students, most obviously with regards to vocabulary retention. The programme retails at $39.99.

Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft's new Office suite is available as a 30 day trial of the proprietary software. Full versions are in three different formats: Home and Student, Home and Business and Office Professional. Prices to buy are $149.99, $279.99 and $499.99 respectively. If you want free, for real, try OpenOffice!

Sheppard Software

Sheppard Software provide a range of educational products in a shareware capacity. SAT GRE Crash Course is designed to enable students to excel in the vocabulary component of their SAT or GRE examinations. A list of 840 frequently included words are taught over five different levels. Presidents Mania and States Mania speak for themselves and are priced in the same manner. Astromania purports to teach kids about the 38 astronomical objects, of which stars and planets are two. There is also an extensive range of maths products available including Algebra: One on One, License Plate Math, and Math Function Mania. The purchase price for all programmes is $14.99 for a download or $19.99 for a CD-ROM.

Teacher's Centre

Super Shareware.com

The company provide a large range of products, both for teachers and students. Perhaps the most interesting of these is Antiplagiarist 2.1, a programme designed to allow the teacher to scan scripts for plagiarism without having to spend ages typing suspect lines into Google.

Google Books

Enables the user to download parts of, or entire, books into PDF format. Google Books is perfect for reading away from the desk and an internet connection. Price: $29.90

Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio is available as a free download in a 30 day trial. It is proprietary software which allows the user to create high-quality videos. This software allows for screen recording and editing to make the user seem like a professional. Camtasia Studio full version can be purchased for $299. US

How to Use Camtasia Studio 7


Soft Empire

Holy Quran software can be used to read the Holy Quran in Arabic, Urdu and English. The cost of the programme is unclear from the maker's website. The company also produce products to help one to Learn To Speak French ($29.95) and a Chinese Word Processor which claims to read, write, edit and print Chinese text on a Windows platform without the need for a Chinese system.

Cafe English

Cafe English sounds like an excellent programme for those learning the English language, with forty chapters covering all aspects of everyday conversation. The programme is controlled exclusively by voice and use of mouse with audio and video multimedia to bring the language to life. Full price $38.

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