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High Tech High

In 2000 High Tech High began as a charter High School in San Diego. It is now a school network that includes K-12 schools, a teacher certification program and a Graduate School of Education. In a September 30, 2010 LearnCentral elluminate session with Ben Daley, a former teacher at High Tech High and now administrator, Daley discussed the ideology of the schools and what makes them successful for students in spite of the school's funding problems. To get into one of their schools, students must apply. Students are chosen by a zip code lottery to ensure that the learners are diverse in race and socio-economic background. 82% of its students graduate and 99% go on to college.

The school is a collaborative environment where teachers work with teachers to facilitate student production of authentic-real world projects. Teachers are valued as designers and are given time to work with other teachers and groups of students. Because they also now have teacher certification, and a college of education their own teachers have access to professional development, and newly hired teachers often come from their own system. Although their name is High Tech High, technology is not the driver; curriculum drives the technology. There is a strong focus on student work that involves hand as well as mind. Learning is active.

The schools follow four design principles: Personalization, Adult World Connection, Common Intellectual Mission, and Teacher as Designer.


Adult World Connection

Common Intellectual Mission

Teacher as Designer

The students read books but they also publish their own on sites like and Student projects involve real world experience and are exhibited not just within the school but in the community and to industry.

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