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Creating a wiki for writing is beneficial in several ways. Students will acquire and practice skills important not only for a specific class, but for school and life in general. The wiki affords students opportunities to work cooperatively, constructively evaluate one anothers work, and revise and edit their classmates’ work using proper netiquette. The wiki also requires students to utilize higher level thinking skills such as critical thinking and problem solving. Additionally, the wiki provides both present and future students with a resource that would directly address their learning and assignments in the specific subject matter. The wiki allows the students to engage in a real-world experience and adds to their understanding of digital citizenship and perception of the power and value of technology.

In the students' first experience, the instructor creates a home page with the necessary general background knowledge, which included links to other wikis to serve as examples. The individual pages and headings are also created by the instructor to provide the students with some guidance in their work. Two additional pages were also created: a practice page and one to share experiences with the process. Students are divided into groups to create one page each. After completion, groups evaluate and revise other groups' work. Using the experience with the first wiki, with subsequent wikis, students create the pages and subheadings themselves.



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